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Enoxaparin Sodium
Generic Name:
Enoxaparin Sodium
Product Standards:
GMP certifications by the EU, U.S. FDA, and Brazil
Enoxaparin sodium is a kind of sodium salt after the degradation of heparin. It is the most popular product among all LMWHs. Enoxaparin sodium is a gold standard antithrombotic drug. It was first launched in the European market in 1987, then in North America in 1993. To date, several hundred million patients in more than 100 countries have been administered enoxaparin sodium injection.
Enoxaparin sodium is a gold standard for antithrombosis which has the largest number of indications among all LMWHs. Prophylaxis of vein thrombosis diseases (prevent intra-vein thrombosis), treatment of deep venous thrombosis, Prevention of thrombosis in the in vitro circulation during hemodialysis, in combination with aspirin for the treatment of acute unstable angina and non-Q-wave myocardial infarction.